Computing at St David's

We aim to integrate the use of ICT through the whole curriculum within our school. We teach the children how to use the range of ICT resources from computers to control "robots" and from digital camera to sensing devices.

The children have access to mobile technology in the form of laptops that can be used within the classroom. These are taught how to access their files and save accordingly so that they grow in confidence and independence.

Children are taught how to create work in various programs, e.g. word processing, art and spreadsheet programs, and save them on the computer editing to make improvements on the way. They are taught how to research on, and access the internet safely for a whole range of purposes. Our network is secure for the children and is highly filtered avoiding incidents of unsuitable access to areas of the internet.

Our newly launched website will encourage the children to chat safely with classmates and staff, access a variety of activities for homework including quizzes and viewing relevant images and personalise their own "webspace" within the school website.

Children learn how to control devices using a variety of programming software and they use a logging kit to measure and experiment with temperature, sound and light. These programs will be linked to cross-curricular work in Maths and ICT.

Children have opportunities to take still and moving images, editing them accordingly and using these within a range of projects.

We aim to ensure that the children are confident and competent in the use of the wide range of technologies available ready for more advanced use in high school and at home.