The School Day

School Day
School begins at 9am. We operate a ‘free-flow’ system in the mornings so that all pupils begin the day in a calm manner. Both sets of school gates are open from 8.45am; Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils enter via the side gate where there will be an adult to greet them and Key Stage 2 pupils enter via the main gate on Dinham Road where there will be an adult to greet them. Adults on the gate are happy to pass on any messages you may have for your child’s teacher.
Parents are requested to contact the school on 01392 255569 if a child is absent for whatever reason i.e. illness, medical/dental appointments by 9.10am; School finishes at 3.30pm. Please wait in a position where your child can easily spot you, either in the F/KS1 or KS2 playground. All pupils wait with the teacher until greeted by you; Please always inform your child’s teacher, or the school office, if you will not be collecting your child and have arranged for another adult to do so
Lunch Times
The lunch break is from 12.00 – 1pm for all pupils. All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are offered a free school lunch. The aim of the initiative is to bring about a significant increase in the numbers of children eating nutritious cooked meals at lunchtimes; From Year 3 school meals will cost £2.30 per day paid online via ParentPay; School meals need to be booked in advance and there is more information, including the menu, on the ‘School Meals’ page of the website.  Alternatively, your child may bring a packed lunch from home; Children will be given a drink of water to accompany their meal; If your child brings a packed lunch, water can be supplied by the school kitchen; In addition to their lunchtime drink, your child will be required to bring a named bottle of water to store in the classroom. Please note, this should be water only. Where parents or carers are in receipt of either Income Support, Income Based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Child Tax Credit (without Working Tax Credit) or Employment and Support Allowance (income related), you will need to apply for a free school meal entitlement, even if your child does not have a school meal. This is most important for the school as it has a direct benefit to the school’s budget and means that the school will receive additional funding in the budget to support your child’s education. The link to apply can be found on our ‘School Meals’ page
Break Times
Children can find break times a little daunting. We try hard to ensure that all new children are given as much support as they need during these times. For morning break your child may bring a piece of fruit or vegetables (placed in a named bag/pot) as a snack which is stored in the class snack box; KS1 pupils will be able to have a piece of fruit provided by the free fruit for schools scheme; Pupils are supervised at break and lunch times by our very capable team of Teaching Assistants who encourage ‘active break times’.
School Uniform
Please see our ‘School Uniform’ page for more details. Please make sure all items of uniform are clearly named and your child knows where his or her name is on the item of clothing – particularly coats and jumpers or cardigans. Please check the name regularly if it has been written on as it does wash out quickly. Clothing should be easy for your child to undress/dress independently. Please ensure that all items of clothing, footwear, snack pots, drink bottles and book bags are clearly labelled. ​
We administer prescribed and non-prescribed medicines in school only if the appropriate forms have been completed. This form along with the appropriate medicine must be handed into the school office by the parent/carer at the beginning of the day. This form also needs to be filled in for asthma sufferers who require their inhalers as and when. Inhalers and the forms are then kept in an area which is accessible during the school day with adult supervision. Please inform your child’s teacher of any medical conditions/allergies. ​