Music gives children the opportunity to create, collaborate and celebrate. At St David`s we aim to give all children a rounded experience of music covering the key areas of singing, listening, composing and performing.


At St David`s the children are taught music through well sequenced lessons. We teach purposeful and creative lessons where the children are given the opportunity to develop their understanding in an engaging way. Children are exposed to a wide range of music pieces from different time periods, cultures, and genres. They are encouraged to describe what they hear using the correct musical vocabulary. 


-We use Charanga which offers a wide range of songs for the children to learn, and all children have the opportunity to use instruments to play along with these songs and create simple compositions of their own. Throughout, children are encouraged to work together, sharing ideas and supporting each other’s development.  


-Key vocabulary is taught so that the children can develop both knowledge and skills.


- Teachers assess learning at the beginning and end of each unit to help children have a better understanding of musical concepts.


-Children use both instruments and computer programmes to compose music.


-Children are encouraged to express opinions in open discussions as well as identifying key features or instruments used.


At St David`s we aim to encourage children to explore their own creativity through music and performance.


As a result of our curriculum design, all children are able to listen, appreciate and evaluate music, whether that is their own creation or a formal piece of music. They are able to use their voices, instruments to create rhythms and compositions in in different styles of music. All children will use music vocabulary when listening, discussing, evaluating and composing their own musical artwork. The children at our school, develop a love for music and creating their own sounds through the exploration of musical skills which we facilitate.