Music at St David's

Music is taught through a variety of different class and whole school based settings and experiences. Children are taught a wide range of songs that they perform within class groups or as a whole school and we pride ourselves on the quality of singing and the children's enthusiasm in performances.

Children are provided with a range of opportunities to learn and practice playing different instruments both within the classroom and through peripatetic teaching. Currently we have visiting  and resident teachers of piano and keyboard, wind instruments, violin and guitar.

Through class-based music lessons children learn about steady beats, rhythm and pitch of sound. They explore these through a range of instruments and their own voices. We provide opportunities for children to compose simple pieces of music and interpret moods and effects using tuned and untuned instruments. The listen to different composers and discuss their preferences for a range of pieces. 

The children are encouraged to perform musically through shows, assemblies, productions and special celebrations.