Physical Education

At St David's, we aim to support pupils in developing the skills, knowledge and competence to flourish in a range of sports and physical activities. We aim to deliver high-quality learning opportunities that enable and inspire children to achieve their personal best. We use Get Set 4 PE and this encourages children to be collaborative and cooperative with others as part of an effective team. Children take part in competitive sport whenever possible, which includes opportunities to participate in sporting events at other schools within the trust.  We encourage children to always do their best and recognise their own success whilst promoting good sportsmanship. Our curriculum aims to embed life-long values that include knowledge about well-being and fitness so that our pupils can make well-informed decisions to lead healthy and active lives. Swimming is an important life skill and we aspire for all children to leave primary school being able to swim at least 25 metres.

  Teachers use and adapt Get Set 4 PE’s planning and resources to ensure all year groups are offered high-quality lessons that scaffold on to one another. This high-quality resource is used to promote progression throughout their physical education in primary school.

-          We have a rolling curriculum programme that ensures children partake in a range of sporting activities including; invasion games, net and wall games, strike and field games, gymnastics, dance, athletics, fitness, swimming and outdoor and adventure.

-          In the summer term, we have an annual sports day which is highly inclusive of all children

-          Swimming lessons are offered on a rolling basis to ensure every child gets at least one opportunity to take lessons at a local swimming pool during their time in our school, with the children in UKS2 who are unable to swim offered additional lessons to ensure we meet the aim of every child being able to swim 25 metres.

-          To broaden our offer, across the school children have opportunities to participate in a range of sports events at other schools within our trust. 


At our school, our children are motivated by our progressive curriculum that provides them with the fundamental skills for a variety of sports and activities. Ensuring that our pupils are physically active has positive repercussions in classroom learning. As they move through the school, our children develop their competence to excel, both in their knowledge and skills within the physical education curriculum. These key skills enable our children to lead healthy active lives in their future life outside of primary school.

Sports Provision Saints Southwest is an official club partner of Southampton Football Club to support the development of the programme, in order to benefit from the expertise and experience of one of the world’s leading player development programmes in World football. Saints Southwest operate in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. We pride ourselves on being able to reach all children through various education, football and sporting activities. Alongside our community programmes we provide a pathway which supports Youth Academies in nurturing and developing players to become the best they can be on and off the pitch. Saints Southwest vision in education is to offer a range of services within the education sector to ensure maximum opportunity and positive impact is made to young people through sport. Our aim is to work alongside schools and teachers to increase the standards of Physical Education and school sport. For more information regarding our Physical Education provision please click here. A full range of our services can be found on our website.