At St David`s school we aim to provide our pupils with a coherent knowledge and understanding of the past of Britain and the wider world. We ensure that all our pupils have a clear understanding of historical concepts and can confidently use historical vocabulary. Our high-quality lessons engage our students and inspire them to explore more about the past. We encourage our students to ask perceptive questions and provide them with the skills so they can think critically, weigh evidence, sift argument and develop perspective and judgment to reach their own conclusions. We believe in the importance of history in enabling pupils to appreciate the complexity of others’ lives, how things change, the diversity of society and the relationships between different groups. Through the teaching of history our students learn more about their own identity and the challenges of their time. 


To build the schema, the subject is underpinned by four threshold concepts: 


Investigate and interpret the past: This concept involves comprehending that our understanding of the past comes from an interpretation of the available evidence. 


Build an overview of world history: This concept involves an appreciation of the characteristic features of the past and an understanding that life is different for different sections of society. 


Understand chronology: This concept involves an understanding of how to chart the passing of time and how some aspects of history studied were happening at similar times in different places. 


Communicate historically: This concept involves using historical vocabulary and techniques to convey information about the past. 


 • History is taught in blocks linked to a cross curricular theme within a two-year rolling program  

• Children are explicitly taught the relevant vocabulary for history, and this is clearly displayed on the working wall and referenced during teaching.  

Teachers use age-appropriate skills and knowledge documents to ensure that learning is progressive throughout the school. 


As a result of our curriculum design all children have developed a broad and balanced understanding of the history of the World and in particular Britain. They have a coherent understanding of the chronology of events they have learnt across their primary education. All children will be confident in analysing sources. This will equip them both for their secondary school history education and beyond.